Use Facebook Ads To Sell Tickets: Part 2,3 And 4

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Part 2: Add the place and the sponsors to the Facebook event as co-hosts

Adding co-hosts to your Facebook event will allow them to post to the event itself. When you post content, users who have responded to your event will receive a notification. This will keep the conversation in one place (making the most of announcements) and allow the right people to answer any questions about your event.

To add co-hosts profiles individually, you must be friends with the person or you can add pages.

You can add co-hosts when you configure the event for the first time or after you have created it. To add a co-host to an existing event, click Edit on the event page.

You or other interested parties may want to show the event on their Facebook pages. This is easy to do, and it is a good idea to add the event to any relevant page, so there are no duplicates.

If you are the administrator of the exciting pages to which you want to add the event, click on the three-point button at the top of the event page and select Add to the page on facebook.

In the menu that appears, choose your FB page.

If you are not an administrator, you or your stakeholders can still add the event to your pages in a similar way. Go to the event, click on the three-point button and select Add to the page. When prompted, choose a page from the list of available pages.

Part 3: Tips for posting on the Facebook events page

The Facebook events page can be a busy place. You woud want to make the most of it because it is a captive audience of people who attend or consider attending your event.

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But neither do you want to exaggerate or annoy your audience, so take advantage of the new possibility to schedule posts on the FB page.

To invite people to attend, tell them what they can expect on the day (or night) of the event. For example, if you are organising a seminar, share information about the speakers.

You can also inform people about the facilities and services available at your event. To illustrate, post parking information, a sitemap, transportation, dietary information and payment methods.

Part 4: Get your first 15 attendees to the Facebook event

fb ads

You can pay to promote your event only if at least 15 people respond that they are attending. So, how do you get your first 15 attendees? Facebook will suggest to people who are your friends that they also just like the host page as a first option.

But you can invite any friend. Do this in moderation, however, and encourage the people you really think would want to attend your event.

You, your sponsors, the place (if applicable) and the speakers (if it is a conference or seminar) should share the event with their respective pages. Also share your event with any relevant Facebook group, your customer database (note that you must comply with the privacy laws of your region) and any list of previous attendees if it is a recurring event or your company has Organized similar events previously.

If your event is exciting, it is well described, it has good clear images, it is carried out in a place and time that people can quickly travel to and it has a reasonable price, you should not have problems to get these first 15 answers “in March”. Then you can use Facebook ads to increase your event promotion!

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