Sell Annuity Payment

Selling your structured settlement or sell annuity payment can be the solution to a range of money problems. Whether you’re thinking of buying a house, starting a business or paying off debts, cashing out your future payments can help you get back in control.

Why Should I Get Involved in Sell Annuity Payment?

Whether you’re thinking of buying a house, starting a small business or paying student loans, using a portion of your future annuity or structured settlement payments can help you get back in control of your finances. When you face a serious need, accessing your annuity can be better than putting your life on hold.Here are some common reasons people to sell their annuity payments:

  • Effects of Inflation
  • Investing in Yourself
  • Retirement Funds
  • Paying off debt
  • Market Conditions
  • Unexpected Life Events
  • Buying or repairing a home
  • Starting or investing in a business
  • Funding a college education
  • Divorcing
  • Investing (property, stocks, retirement fund)
  • Liquidating a long-term investment, such as a seller-financed private mortgage note
  • Unexpectedly unemployed
  • Travelling or vacationing
  • Sustaining an injury
  • Funding an endowment or scholarship
  • Assisting friends or family in financial need
  • Providing funeral expenses
  • Moving
  • Liquidating an inherited annuity
  • Experiencing buyer’s remorse

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