Amazon Alex Tips For Children 2018


Amazon has pushed new updates in its intelligent Alexa assistant and compatible hardware with Alexa, Echo. The update launched for users in India is mainly aimed at improving and helping children learn new skills. The latest developments bring almost 350 new skills that a child can try through Amazon’s Echo Smart speakers. New capabilities include a Amar Chitra Katha quiz, Supandi riddles, lullabies and more. In case your child likes to play with the Echo device, here are some simple tricks that you can verify to enjoy and learn at the same time.

Tips of Amazon Alexa: learn to solve doubts related to mathematics, general knowledge, etc.


In addition to a lot of stories and songs, Amazon’s intelligent voice-based assistant is also able to solve queries related to math, science, etc. To answer a problem related to mathematics, your child can ask Alexa something like, ‘Alexa, convert 1500 meters in kilometers. ‘

  • Tips of Amazon Alexa: Amar Chitra Katha questionnaire

Amazon has teamed up with India’s favorite narrator, Amar Chitra Katha, and has prepared a survey to help children expand their knowledge of Indian mythology. To participate in the questionnaire, all they need to say is “Alexa, open the Quiz Amar Chitra Katha.”

  • Tips from Amazon Alexa: ChuChu TV

In addition to Amar Chitra Katha, Amazon has also added a lot of lullabies, stories, songs and more from the favorite education channel, ChuChu TV. Now children can listen to hundreds of lullabies, songs just by saying “Alexa, open ChuChu TV” or “Alexa, ask ChuChu TV to play animal songs,” for Alexa compatible devices.

  • Tips and tricks from Amazon Alexa: Forest Fortune
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Also, Amazon has added a new skill through which your child can choose Forest Fortune as a story game to choose from. The game will take your child/children through a real adventure to find the hidden treasure of King George. To see the hidden treasure, they have to say: “Alexa, open Forest Fortune.”

Amazon has also added a new feature to Alexa Cast that will allow Amazon Prime Music listeners to play music and control music playback on their Alexa-enabled devices from the Amazon Prime Music application on iOS and Android devices.

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