There are lot of reasons why parents and  guardians should let their wards uses technology gadgets, technology gadgets includes phones, laptop, palm top, headphones and others.

I have to say this, but I don’t think it is necessary I love and Thank God of the kind of parent, He gave me because have been using phones since when am in primary 2, now their is no part that I can’t operate in phones and computers, any phone either iPhone, Samsung and others even I now know how to operate phones and laptop than my parent and elder sisters.

Top 12 Reasons Why Parents And Guardians Should Allow Their Wards Use Technology Gadgets

Technology gadgets

I don’t know the problem of some parent, especially guardians they don’t allow their wards to use technology gadgets which is so bad.

Now I will give you the 12 reasons why parent and guardians should let their wards make use of technology gadgets.

They are listed below:

  1. To Be Computer Literate
  2. To be able to operate the in and out of computer
  3. To be able to familiar to internet
  4. To chat with their friends online
  5. To search information on the service engine.
  6. To do online business
  7. To make money not yahoo.
  8. To Know what is going around them, News.
  9. To Connect With some important person
  10. To Make Them Busy E.g Gaming And For Entertainment.
  11. To Help You To Advertise Your Business
  12. To Learn News Things And Do Researches


With all what I have written I hope parents and guardians will allow their words to use technology gadgets.

And if you are their wards and they don’t allow you to use phone kindly share this post to them so that they can read, am sure they will get something from it.

Don’t forget to share this to friends and family because sharing is caring.

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