To Make Google and others search engines to crawl and index your post faster, you need to write SEO Friendly Post, So I will teach you about that.

When you write a seo friendly post and your seo has been set already, you will get organic traffic to your blog, every day especially if you are ranking for a keyword on the front page on search engine.

This is one of the examples of on page seo.

What is SEO Friendly Post?

SEO Friendly Post simply means posts that are seo friendly. so you have to write a seo friendly post because of many reasons, some of them are:

  • To rank Higher On search engines.
  • To get more traffic

Now Let start today's topic:

How To Write SEO Friendly Posts For More Organic Traffic

These are the things you need to take note of it while writing the post(s), a lot of posts get crawled and indexed by Google and others search engines within minutes and hours. And they also rank fast on google.

Am writing this post because some people complained google is not crawling and indexing their blog post.

Write Quality Post

SEO friendly post

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Before writing you have to do what is called keyword, the keyword is essential before writing a post because it determines a post's title.

As bloggers use to say and we all know, Content is the king, so you have to make sure you don't copy posts and images.

Google loves fresh and new content if it can be possible write what others bloggers have written before.

Hence, you should write quality posts.

And also make sure your post are well written and they are long, your post must be at least 300words. there is no maximum, you can write 5000words, as for me I chose my own minimum as 1000words.

It helps in post ranking also.

Usage Of Tags

SEO friendly Post

tags include headings, italic, bold, blockquote and others.

As a blogger, you have to put sub heading, headings and others in your post, so that it will be easy for

To break down your content, you can use title tags in your article. the tags are:

  • <h1> … </h1> - Heading 1
  • <h2> … </h2> - Heading 2
  • <h3> … </h3> - Heading 3
  • up to Heading 6!

The H1 tag will be taken for your post title, so if you don’t use it in your article content, there won’t be a problem. I have seen some bloggers use the H1 tag again inside the article. That is totally wrong because google and others search engines take h1 has the post title.

You can use h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6,

You can read my post about the usage of headings.


SEO friendly Post

Interlinking simply means adding a link to the old post to the new ones, it is very good techniques for your seo and rankings, so you have to always do that.

This also let search engine crawl your old post if you use the do-follow link for the link, that means google will crawl the link, and if you use no-follow, that means they won't.

I think you should know the differences between Do and No(Lol)


SEO Friendly Post

Images are needed for the post because of many reasons, the main reason is to make it clear and understandable to those reading it, and another thing is to make the post looks attractive.

I don't like reading the post without images, so you have to put images in the post to make the post more explanatory.

Whenever you are uploading an image to your post, make sure that you name it properly before uploading it. I would keep the name of my image like this – “how-to-start-a-blog.jpg” rather than something like this “blog123.jpg”. And if you are uploading multiple images then use related keywords to name them.

Google and others search engines cannot read images, but they look at the name and the alt attribute of the image to rank the images.

Name of the image – “how-to-create-a-blog-.jpg”

ALT tag – “how to create a blog.”

And if you don’t know how to add ALT tag then here’s how you can do it.

In your Media uploader, when you select an image you will see some options on the right side. There you will see an option for “ALT text.” There just add your ALT tag and add it to your post.

The second way to do it is to go to the HTML section in your post editor and go to the code for your image. It will be something like this.

<img scr=” height=”xx” width=”xx” alt=”how to create a blog”>

Add the ALT tag as above at the end of the code inside the bracket.

You can get free stock images from tecxploit's post

Meta Description

SEO Friendly Post
Meta Description

The Meta description is very important when writing a post because it is how your post will be placed on google, so you have to let the meta description contains most searched keywords about what you are writing.

Meta Description isn't a magical solution, but they will help ensure your website appears on search engine results pages.


Now, that you have read and know how to write a seo friendly post, always use it when writing your post, there is no any trick for crawling and indexing.

The others things to do to make your posts crawl and index at a faster rate are to get backlinks after that then keep sharing the post.

I am sure you will make it.

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