[dropcap]A[/dropcap] lot of bloggers uses web push notifications on their blog, to call their viewers attention after posting an article/ want to inform them about new information.

Web push notifications is now a new strategy to grow your subscriber. Most of the popular website like Facebook, Twitter are also now using web push notification on their websites. As per the case study by YouNow it is revealed that user's retention has increased by 19%.

In My Previous theme, i uses onesignal free web push notifications, but now am doing something on my blog, so after doing it i will also put on my blog, but you can check wizytechs blog, he uses that.

Now, Am Just lamenting the word OneSignal Free Web Push Notification, What is now the meaning?

What Is OneSignal Web Push Notification?

OneSignal is an awesome service which allows adding web push notification to your blog and website. It is a communication channel which enables you to send the custom rich text notifications to your subscribers.

OneSignal lets you send custom messages to different devices or internet browsers. That means if a person subscribed to your blog through their Android or iOs (or any other) device, then your notification will appear on their home screen (or locked screen also). Or if they subscribe with their chrome, firefox (or any other browsers) on their desktop or laptop, then the notification will appear on the right-hand side lower corner of their browser.

features of OneSignal?

As I said above, OneSignal display a short message to the users either on their device's home screen or desktop browser by playing a notification tune. Following are the marvelous features.

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1.   Free
2.   HTTPS/SSL not required.
3.   Schedule notification to send at a later date.
4.   Add unlimited number of subscriber.
5.   Support all devices and browsers.
6.   Segmentation targeting.
7.   Unlimited notifications.
8.   Realtime analytics.
9.   Import & Export your data & subscribers.
10.   A/B testing.
11.   Full API access.
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Now Back To The Topic

How To Configure OneSignal Free Web Push Notifications On Blogger Blog

Before i start, laptop is essential for this tutorial because you will need to paste some scripts and codes into your blog.

Follow All The Steps below:

Step 1

Register/ Sign Up With Onesignal free web push notifications, by clicking here,  it will redirect you to the homepage where you will see many options but you will see web push, then you click Get Started , Right After Web Push.

Then You Will See A Pop-up Form, Don't be panic, Just Sign Up Using your gmail account, you can use any name for the company or organisation, After Then you click create account.

Immediately after clicking sign up, you will see a pop us notification, tell you to:

So you will login to your mail and then confirm, by clicking a link from onesignal.

So You will click here to confirm your account.

It will now redirect you the the main onesignal dashboard.

You can skip the information about onesignal, then you  click on 'Add a new app'.

Then you will put the name of your app, i used gurusfound for mine, then you will click create.

Now  a window will appear 'Select one platform to configure'. here you need to select 'Website Push'. After that, click on 'Next'.

Now, again a window will appear then click on 'Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox'. After that, click on 'Next'.


Now enter your blogger 'URL Address' and 'Favicon URL'. And the url to the notifications then click on 'Save'.


then stroll down a bit

Then you click save.

Now, 'select your target SDK' and then select 'Website Push'. And then click on 'Next'.

Now, copy your App ID and keep safe in your Notepad. (Blue Color).

Now the last part, you need to add JavaScript SDK in your blogger template. Just add the below code above the closing head tag.

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i wrote on how to paste codes after head tag.

<!-- OneSignal Web Push Notification Widget by Gurusfound.com -->
<script src="https://cdn.onesignal.com/sdks/OneSignalSDK.js" async='async'></script>
var OneSignal = window.OneSignal || [];
OneSignal.push(["init", {
appId: "YOUR_APP_ID",
autoRegister: false, /* Set to true to automatically prompt visitors */
subdomainName: 'SUBDOMAIN_NAME',
httpPermissionRequest: {
enable: true
notifyButton: {
enable: true /* Set to false to hide */
<!-- OneSignal Web Push Notification Widget by Gurusfound -->

Note: You need to edit somethings there.

- Replace 'YOUR_APP_ID' with the app id of your app. (which i told you to copy then)
- And, 'SUBDOMAIN_NAME' with your subdomain name. As in my case 'Gurusfound'.(What i showed below in my screenshot)

And now save the template.That's it.

You Have Successfully Added And Configure Onesignal free push notifications, what next now is, How will you send notifications to viewers?

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How to send notifications to viewers

1. You just need to select 'New Message' (located at the left hand sidebar menu). see below picture

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If we compare OneSignal with PushCrewpushEngage, then I find that only OneSignal is providing a lot of feature without any cost. The installation process is very simple as I shown above. Web push notification is the best tool to send notification because here you will get high click through rate than email marketing that will help you to increase your overall revenue.

Pushcrew and pushengage are not for free, some professional bloggers uses that, and some non-professional bloggers uses it too, but we are still small bloggers getting $100 from google adsense monthly.

is it helpful? Do you really understand this? if yes, why don' you share this to others bloggers and webmasters.

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