Recently I gave you a tutorial on how to apply for google AdSense while using foreign AdSense like Us And UK, If you don't have Google AdSense account you aren't entitle to this, so click here to create your own us or UK Google AdSense account. Now it is How To Integrate Page-Level Ads For Better Performance.

According to today's post title: How To Integrate Page-Level Ads For Better Performance. Google AdSense introduced page-level ads recently and it is really doing good even It is on my blog, it is the one that always flow on the screen.

What Is Page-Level Ads?

Page Level Ads

Page-level ads are a family of ad formats that offer a new and innovative way for you to monetize your content. With Page-level ads, you place the same piece of ad code once on each page that you want to show the ads. Once you've added the code, AdSense will automatically show Page-level ads at optimal times when they’re likely to perform well for you and provide a good experience for your users. You can read more about it here

Now back to today's topic.

How To Integrate Page-Level Ads For Better Performance

To integrate page-level ads is simple and can be done with the phone, but you should use laptop because you will paste a JavaScript into your template or theme, WordPress theme can be edit using phone while blogger can't be edit using phone but if your phone has good features it should be able to do that.

Follow the following steps to integrate page-level ads to your blog

Step 1:

Firstly login to your AdSense Dashboard. Then it will take you to home. Then you navigate to My Ads.

Showed In screenshot below:


Then you will click "My Ads"


Then you will select "page-level ads"


So after clicking it you will see something like this.


So you can go through that and then you will see, " Add the code for page-level ads to your pages" that where we are heading too, so you will click "Get Code" then you wil see a code.

Then you will copy the JavaScript codes and paste it after <head> or before </head> tag inside your blog template or theme.

So you will wait for some minutes then the ads will start display in pop up, page-level and it will be displaying in some areas like after header, in the sidebar, the footer and others.


That the end of the tutorial. With thus page-level ads and pop up ads an sure your earns will improve efficiently.

Is it helpful? Do you really understand the tutorial? If yes, why don't you share this to bloggers.

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