Alexa rank originated from Amazon company, today am going to write on how to improve blog/website Alexa rank, bloggers feel annoy and angry when they realized that their Alexa rank isn't improving.

Is your Alexa rank not reducing? Are you looking for best way to solve that? you are in the right place.

What is an Alexa Rank

Improve blog alexa rank

Alexa is “web information company”. It comes under group. Alexa determines/actuate the rank of each and every website and blog based on their web traffic and some other factors which I tell you later on this topic. This Alexa Rank of a website gets updated daily. And the lesser number to better the rank.

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How To Check Alexa Rank of A Website blog


To check your alexa rank is very simple, you can do that with your phone within some minutes.

So follow the steps below to check your blog/website alexa rank.

  • Go to, you will find a box.
  • Enter the URL of the Website/blog which Rank you want to check.
  • Then click on submit button. Now you can see the result on the screen.


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Add Alexa toolbar(Alexa Widget) to your chrome browser or also you can add Alexa widget to your blog to check your daily Alexa rank.

How Alexa Rank Is Determined:

Alexa determines the rank of a website depending on some factors as mentioned below.

A. Page Visit Through Alexa Tool Bar:

Like other tool bars, Alexa has also a tool bar. Alexa tool bar counts each and every visit to a particular website from a particular computer and sends the report to the Alexa server. Alexa stores all those data and determines the popularity basing on that data.
Here you may mark a thing that if you have no Alexa Tool Bar Installed in your browser, and you are visiting a website regularly than Alexa will not record such visits. It is demerit of Alexa.

B. Alexa Traffic Rank Widget:

You must have seen Alexa Traffic Rank widget in many blogs. It is a Small box which indicates the rank of your website. You can see such a box on the bottom of my blog. If you have added an Alexa Traffic Widget to your blog, and a visitor is visiting your from a browser in which no Alexa Tool Bar is installed, then also your visit will be recorded by Alexa, because of that widget which is present on your blog.
After knowing these secrets you must be interested to increase the Alexa Rank of your blog. Okay, I am going to discuss the 11 important Tips to increase your Alexa Rank.

How To Improve Blog Website Alexa Rank Quickly ( Best Useful Tricks)

These are the best way of improving your alexa rank, Please don't take it for granted, it should be in pdf files selling it, but i love my readers and subscribers so that why am sharing this for you.

They are listed below:

1.Install Alexa Tool Bar in Your Browser


As I have previously told you that Alexa counts each and every visit through Alexa tool bar, so you must install this tool bar on your browser to increase your Alexa rank rapidly.You should download the Alexa tool bar and install it in your browser. Also suggest your blogger friends to install that tool bar on their computer, so that when they will visit your blog, your Alexa rank will be decreased.

But unfortunately this can't be installed on mobile phones, and all most all the bloggers use phone for blogging, i have a review on that.

see it here: Will Blogging Be Easier Without The Usage Of Laptop?

How to install Alexa tool bar in the Firefox and Chrome browser?

Alexa toolbar for chrome.

In order to install Alexa tool bar to your chrome browser click here and you will be redirected to official Alexa chrome extension page. Now here you need to click on “+add to chrome” button to completely install it. After that enjoy your Alexa tool bar.

Alexa toolbar for Firefox.

For firebox click here and click on the “install Alexa browser extension” button. After the installation just click on Alexa tool bar icon and enjoy the Alexa tool bar.

2.Add Alexa Traffic Rank Widget on your website:

It is the most important step because if you will add an Alexa Traffic Rank Widget on your website widget area, then each and every visit to your blog will be counted. Alexa widget is a small cute box which indicates the Alexa rank on your website.

For WordPress users, there is a plugin you need to install to place Alexa widget to your website. Get the plugin from here.

And for blogger users, Please read this tutorial to add Alexa widget to your blogger blog.

How To Add Alexa Widget On Blogger

  1. Login To Blogger Account.
  2. Click Blog Title → Layout → Add a Gadget → HTML/Javascript.
  3. Copy/Paste Following Code In Content Box.

<script type='text/javascript' src=''/>

  1. Replace With Your Blog URL.
  2. Click Save Button And You Are Done.

3.Share your Blog posts on Social Networking sites And Forums

While determining the global Alexa rank of a website or blog, Alexa gives importance to the number of visitors to that website of the blog from different IPs. If a number of visitors from different IPs will visit your blog, then definitely your Alexa Global Rank will be decreased. So in order to drive visitors from different IPs, you should share your blog post on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It will boost your Alexa rank.

This is the main reason why a lot of bloggers have some pages and groups on different social medias.

you can also be sharing your blog posts in forums but there is how to do that, you will write a small part of your post, you will now put continue reading, then you put the link to the post.

check out my post on one popular forum, for preview:

4.Claim your site on Alexa to improve Alexa rank

To gain full control over your site. Claim your site on This will help others and advertiser to know that you are the owner of the site. You can claim your site on Alexa by creating an account for your website on Alexa. The only most important reason you must claim your site because claiming of your site on Alexa and all your contact details of your site. That will help get more advertisement to your site. Because advertisers use Alexa to find a best and relevant site to advertise.

How To Claim Your Site on Alexa:
Go to
Click on “Signup” on the Top-Right of the page. The page will be redirected to plans page. You need to choose a plan.
Then Enter your Email ID and Password & Put necessary details
And Verify it.

Those it is not free but it is useful, you should spend money on your blog so as to get money from it, you invest money on a blog, is that understood?

5.Increase Alexa Rank By Commenting to get backlinks

Visit other blogs which come under the niche Blogging and Technology with good traffic quality and starts commenting there. Don’t give spammy comments. While commenting leave a link back to your blog.
On comment, box 1st appreciate the content writer and give value to the post.

After that write a heading of some important topic of your blog and provide a link to those post. When a visitor will see that topic, he will be interested and will come to your website by that back link.
Alexa gives importance to backlinks. If more backlinks to your blog are there, Alexa will assume that your website is more popular.

backlinks is essential for the seo too, you can read more about backlinks here

6. Connect with Bloggers  to Get Traffic:

Always try to attract the blogger your blog, it is because the blogger must have Alexa Tool Bar installed on their browser. So when they will visit your blog, your Alexa rank will increase. so it is good to be friendly with blogger.

7.Write Quality Article On Your Blog:

According to a professional blogger, shoutmeloud, he said "Content is the key", Yes he is right, i think of that and discover it is true if you can't write post by yourself, then why are you a blogger,

Professional bloggers don't copy posts, so let try to behave like professional bloggers even if we are not.

This the most important part of blogging. If you are writing the quality article on your blog, then definitely the visitors will be attracted towards your blog and will come to blog in a regular fashion and also they will link back to your post. So you will get more backlink to your website and regular visitors.

If they love more they will share your blog posts to different social media sites. That will help you to increase your Alexa rank significantly.

You can read this: How To Write An SEO Optimized Post (For Fast Crawling And Indexing)

8.Write a review about Alexa on your website:

If you have a technology blog, then you should write article and review about Alexa. It will increase the importance of your blog on Alexa point of view so it will increase your Alexa rank. Because Alexa loves reviews and backlinks to them. So it will significantly give your blog more important in front of Alexa’s eyes.

This is what am doing, if you can also do this, your alexa will decrease, this doesn't mean you should copy this post.

9.Update your blog regularly:

According to shoutmeloud also, he said " As a new blogger, you are advised to write at least 5 Quality Posts In a day, because new blog don'r have lot of post and they can't get lot of traffics when having little post.

It is most important. You should update your blog post regularly. Make a consistency in posting. It doesn’t mean that you have posted an article every day, but keep a regularity in posting. Alexa rank is changeable, so if you will not give importance to your article than the rank will gradually decrease.

Benefits/Importances of higher Alexa rank:

  • The readers will give importance on your blog.
  • Advertiser will be attracted towards your website for advertising.
  • You can easily get approval on any popular advertising networks such as Google Adsense,, Buysellads and much more.
  • You can Buy and Sell ads on your site easily.
  • More income.
  • Great value in the internet market.
  • People Will come for submitting guest post
  • More Subscribers

Conclusion on how to improve blog alexa rank quickly

With this, i am sure you will get your alexa rank down as soon as possible.

Are you satisfied with this? These are the best why to improve your alexa rank, so there is no trick for it,

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