I will use this medium to thank All my readers and subscribers on gurusfound.com.ng now it is gurusfound.com time, I want you to support me on this domain too, I will redirect gurusfound.com.ng to gurusfound.com because of people that aren't aware of my new domain.

So what they function and description of this GurusFound.com?

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Gurusfound.com 's description is Home Of Technology And Science Updates.

Gurusfound.com is a pure technology blog that gives people latest technology Updates, Latest Science Updates, Howtos, Gadgets Reviews, Web Tutorial, Blogging Tips.

Our aim is to make everybody a computer literate in the whole universe.

So now that you know our description and our aim, why don't you share our blog to Friends and family, groups and others.

Thanks and also don't forget to subscribe to our blog through email.

I will tell you the reasons why I moved to gurusfound.com, stay tuned

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