CEO Of Google Sundae Pichai, Visit Nigeria for the first time, he said he has planned to trained 10million Africans and had successfully launched the YouTube Go - offline version of YouTube video sharing platform for users with slow internet connection.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Visits Nigeria, Checkout What He Come And Do!!!

YouTube Go will allow users preview and download videos, rather than streaming and essentially save data costs. This will help Nigerians to access YouTube even in a poor Internet connection area.

Nigeria has 3.9mbps average speed when compared to countries in the middle east while Qatar has the fastest internet connection of 13.7mbps. Below is the statistics.

Meanwhile, Nigeria has a 191million population and an estimated 91million Internet users.

  • Read: FG Finally Approves Tax Reduction For Telecom Firms Or Companies In the other hand, Google Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google also tweeted about training 10m Africans. Saying;

    "Thrilled that we’re expanding our digital skills program to train 10M Africans over the next 5 years #GoogleforNigeria,” 

    As he said below:

    Training 10million Nigerians will improve technology and it gadgets in Nigeria, and it will reduce unemployment and with all this the country will improve efficiently.
    What is your opinion?
    I wish he should come and take me too, And You?

    If yes try to share till this reach him where he is.

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