Wao, This is amazing as GLO's free data day will commence tomorrow 11th of august 2017.

Though GLO services isn't good in some areas but with this they are satisfying thee subscribers, their data plans is normal, if you load card they give you promo and others.

Browsing is one of the essential tasks a smartphone user performs because it keeps everyone connected to the internet. Nowadays I don't think people uses android without using it for browsing, because as for me if I don't have data for 30minutes I will miss a lot.

11th Of August 2017, Is Declared As "Glo's Free Data Day"

Glo recently declared 11th of August as a "Free data day" which can be activated by exisiting or new users irregardless of their tariff plan. That is tomorrow.

This certainly means that all users of Glo network are entitled to enjoy the "Glo's free data day" offer only when they recharge a minimum of N250 or above within 7 days. Another way to get eligible for the offer is by using 100MB data and N150 on calls within 7 days.

The Free data can be used on PC, laptop, phone, modem, iOS devices and among others. No fair policies apply.

If you are eligible, how will you manage your 200mb? 😂😄

But Glo use stay sting did you know that? 200mb is too small even if I go to YouTube now, it will finish.

Don't forget to share this to friends so as to prepare for tomorrow.


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