There are lot of reasons why you shouldn’t display much adsense on your blog, some bloggers thought as plenty as the ads is, as plenty as there earnings is, which is capital “NO”.

Recently i wrote on how to integrate page-level ads to your blog, you can he using the page level ads instead of displaying plenty ads on your blog.

According to today’s topic: Top 3 Best Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Display Much AdSense On Your Blog
So I will give you 3 best reasons why you shouldn’t display much AdSense.

Top 3 Best Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Display Much AdSense On Your Blog

According to google's policy and some ads website policy, Google AdSense dislike displaying plenty AdSense on blog, the recommended is AdSense after the header, inside posts ads, footer ads, page level ads and other. I get few reasons for you, they are listed below:

1. It reduces the website/blog speed:-

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Running too much ads on your blog will only help to reduce your blog speed, and this is one of the factors that kills blog quality. The reason is because ads is JavaScript and too much of JavaScript on a blog is bad.

2. Poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

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if your page loads slower search engine detest that, that why google introduce the accelerated mobile pages(AMP) for WordPress platform to speed up the blog so as the crawl and index the posts faster.

3. Reduction Of Website/Blog Visitors:


Many people hates a blog with lot of ads, especially popup ads. Even me too I hate it, I uses AdSense blocker for a blog like that. The AdSense blocker comes with browsers like uc browser and Opera mini.

Additional Tip

Invalid Click Activity :

some call it ads bomb click when there's too much ads than post on the front page of a website there's possibility alot of clicks happen which is just like forcing visitors to click on the ads especially websites with popup ads.
The website owner is at risk and the Ads might stop displaying on the blog and the website domain is also at risk
For example.... Google bans not just the ads from displaying from the site but atimes also bans the domain from displaying google ads forever



Those are the 3 best reasons why you shouldn’t display much AdSense on your blog. Am sure with all this if you are a blogger who cares for his blog, you won't display lot of ads on your blog.

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