To buy domain is simple and it is easy to do, it can be done using phone. But if you know your phone capacity can't do it you can get laptop. But laptop is the recommended one to use laptop for it. How to buy custom domain on namecheap.

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Namecheap is a popular domain and hosting company where people buy domains and hosting especially those that wants to start WordPress. Even me am using namecheap for my domain name and my hosting, they are 24/7 active, you can also have live chat with them anytime you like even in the midnight.Namecheap, Inc. is an ICANN accredited registrar, which provide services on domain name registration, and offer for sale domain names that are registered to third parties. It is also a web hosting company, based in Phoenix, Arizona.

How To Buy Custom Domain On Namecheap

There are several domain name that can be buy on namecheap but you can't buy Nigeria domains e.g

The domains that can be bought there is called .com, .net, .org and others.

Now let start how to buy custom domain on namecheap.


Then you will enter the Domain name you want in the domain Name Search from the image above, then you will click "search" icon to continue.

Now after then it will redirect you to another page where you will click "add to cart" it was represented with "a customized basket icon" then you will click it. As showed in screenshot below.


After adding to cart, then you will scroll down a bit, then you will see "view cart". Showed in screenshot below.


After then it will redirect you to a page where you will choose the validity of your domain, the default is 1year but of you want 2 or more years you can choose from there.

Name heap

After then you scroll down and you will see confirm order. Showned in screenshot below.


After then it will redirect you to where to sign up or sign in. So you click sign up. And fill there with your information.


After signing up it will redirect you to a page where to pay, you can pay using MasterCard, PayPal.

But the best is using MasterCard, for best result use Gtbank MasterCard.

So that how people always buy domain, you can see that it is simply and easy to do even with phone, if your phones specifications is good.

I will soon write on how to redirect the domain to your blog.

Is it helpful? Did you really understand the tutorial? If yes why don't you share this to bloggers who are will using to get there custom domain.


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