When I checked my diary today, I saw that this is my next post so am going to post it, blog and girlfriend is not in the same category. The title of the post is very funny 😁.

Now As You Know Boys Loves There Girlfriends and always be with them all the time so for this reason this post comes up.

I think all of us knows the meaning of girlfriend popularly known as gf, so I don't need to give you that.😄

Top 5 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Make Their Blog Their Girlfriend

I will write the 5 reasons and some short texts about them.

1. Love:

Boys love their girlfriends a lot so if the bloggers (boys) can divert all the attention from girlfriend to the blog it will be nice and easier, so if you are in love with your blog that will be nice.

2. Staying:

Some people can stay in their girlfriend's house for 24hours but not on blog, so if you can also let your blog be your girlfriend you will also always stay on your blog.

3. Traffic:

If you love your blog and you are staying and working on it always you will always get traffics, and if you are staying you will be thinking of the next to do to improve your blog facilities.

4. Blog Popularity:

If you are getting traffics, staying on blog your blog will become popular within some months and with this your earns will improve.

5. Sharing Of Posts:

Instead of chatting with your girlfriend on social media why can't you be sharing your posts in forums, social media and also commenting on others blog for the purpose of getting traffics and permalink.


So with this points I think you I am able to convince you to make your blog your girlfriend.

Will you make your blog your girlfriend?

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