Today I think I should start best commenter because of many reasons, don't worry I will give you the reasons why it is created.

Wait before we continue let me tell you the meaning of commenter because of some people whom didn't know the meaning.

Best Commenter On Gurusfound

Who is a commenter?

commenter is someone who makes isolated comments. These days, the word most often refers to people who post comments on blogs and news websites. A commentator is someone who provides commentary. The term usually applies to professionals in sports broadcasting or television news.

Reason why best commenter start on gurusfound

There are some reasons why I started this, there is no way you can create something without one or two reason. The reasons are listed below:

1. To get lot of comment on each posts on gurusfound

2. To reward people who comments on the blog.

3. So as the make the blog lively and friendly.

Those are the reasons why I started the best commenter.

So I will start counting today, the best will be rewarded at the end of each month with tangible gift.

You can also comment on our previous posts.

Note:- we are going to take the best 3 commenter on the blog.

Is it helpful? Did you really like this improvement? If yes why don't you share this to friends and family.



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