This page is mainly about gurusfound, it entails all what you need to know gurusfound and it founder.

About Gurusfound And The Founder(Olabiyi Malik)

Howdy, I Am Olabiyi Malik, An SEO And Blogging Tips And Tricks Blogger, I Am A Web Developer/Designer And Somehow a programmer.  You probably came onto this page to learn more about me and my Website. So let start now. 

About Me ( Olabiyi Malik)


I am Olabiyi Malik, Born On 22nd April In Oshogbo, Osun State Nigeria, I Love Everything related to science and technology so I decided to start blogging and keep sharing people what have learned, I blog mainly on SEO and blogging

It was like a magic, the first time I used google when in primary 2, As I saw it, I just have interest in it, because it was like magic, so I asked my brother, he told me those things on search engines are blog, after hearing the “blog” I went straight to my dictionary to know the mean, and I discovered my brother is right.

So as from then I started looking for a way to create mine, but unfortunately I didn’t see any, so I left that then, so when I reached primary 4, going to jss1, I browsed something on the internet that night, and I saw blazerwap(Prexblog) so I saw how to create a blog tutorial there.

So am happy to the extent that I could sleep that night, the designs of that blog then lead me to the programming language, I also do research on how I can create a blog like that. They let me know that I must know HTML, CSS, And JavaScript Before I can do that.

Like seriously, in a nutshell, it was when I reached jss2, I created my blog on blogger platform and then use some programming language to design it.

According to this story, I have chosen seo and blogging as my niche because I love to teach people something especially computer stuff.

I am willing to be a computer scientists and a programmer.

About Gurusfound

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Gurusfound is a pure technology, seo and blogging tips, and tricks, I give bloggers seo and blogging tips and tricks while I give people latest technology updates.

I give my tutorials and technology updates with evidence, I will make sure you understand the particular topic, I write on, with screenshots and at times video tutorials.

I wish my blog to become the best technology, seo and blogging tips and tricks all over the world.

My aim is to teach all bloggers all that they need to know about blogging.

How Does Gurusfound Gets Tutorial And SEO Updates

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As I said earlier, I do a lot of researches before writing a post, I also write from what I learned from friends, in forums and groups, I also write on what I read from PDF, ebooks and the likes.

This is my one and only blog where I publish all that I know about science and technology there.

Great Gurusfound!!!

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Hi, I'm Olabiyi Malik, I am the founder of, Gurusfound is a blog that teaches Bloggers SEO And Blogging. I am a web designer, a seo researcher, I try all my possible best to let bloggers understand the topic, I am treating with them.

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