Lot of people thought if they are having phones with large screen size people will thing they are rich, even me when  am small I thought that also which is capital NO.

According To Today's Topic: 3 Immeasurable Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Phones With Large Screen Size. Example of phones with large screen size includes IPad, phantom and others.

Phone with large screen size

3 Immeasurable Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Phones With Large Screen Size

There are lot of reasons why you shouldn't buy phones with large screen size. I will give you only 3 and the 3 are listed below:

1. Consume Lot Of Data:

People don't  know that if the screen of the phone is too big it will consume lot of data. if you don't agree with me, take this.

you know those Nokia and small phones like Nokia asha 200 you can't use 10mb finish within a week while using it for chatting but android phones I don't think you can use for 5hours, what I want to bring out from that is that the screen of the Nokia phones are small while the screen of the android are big so if you are now using iPad when will you use 10mb finish especially while using 3g or4g Network.

2. Screen Prices:

if you are using phones with big screen if anything happens to the screen you have to buy another with a huge amount of money or when it broken if you have the money they might not see the screen in your specified area. this reminds me of my tablet, till date I haven't see the screen.

3. Spending Lot Of Money On It:

if your phone consumes data won't that take lot of money, you that when you are using android phone with small screen size you are using data of 1.5gb, if you start using phones with big Screen size you have to double or triple the data.

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